9021 Here We G0! – Season Five

Kendra and Nic are watching every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 and beyond!

Kendra is watching for the first time while Nic is a super fan!

You can watch along with us on Hulu or with CBS All Access.


It’s time to get out of Kansas! For Shark Week 2021 we finally watched Sharknado! Stephen Rudd from “This Endorian Life” joins us to talk about every made line and gruesome death!

Goodbye Brenda. Hello Valerie!

Jim, Cindy and Brandon are on their way to the airport, only it isn’t Brenda they are picking up, but Valerie Malone, a family friend who’ll be living with them while Brenda stays on in London. The news slowly trickles out about Brandon and Kelly, which briefly breaks Steve’s heart. Donna and David aren’t speaking post-breakup and Dylan is off hitting rock bottom after losing his fortune. Meanwhile, Andrea and Jesse are happy to finally have Hannah home.