9021 Here We G0! – Season Four

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Donna’s dog Rocky isn’t doing so well after the testing procedures he endured in the lab, spurring Brenda to action. Elsewhere Kelly throws a disastrous dinner party at Dylan’s with Brandon and Lucinda. Soon everything is out in the open and everyone’s relationships are strained.

Yee Haw! We got us a heck of a good time as the gang literally changes partners! Kelly and Brandon are off on a retreat while Lucinda give Dylan a private screening. Steve runs into trouble with Andrea when he loans the dorm room to his frat buddy and Donna and Brenda find a new four legged friend.

Get ready for a few surprises this week as the gang deals with their relationships. Brandon and Lucinda continue to meet in secret, Stewart is back for some reason, and Kelly attends a function as Brandon’s date.

Nic and Kendra dig into to season 4, episode 20: Scared VERY Straight.
Donna tries to give David another chance, but he ends up bringing his coked up friend Happy Jack along on their Valentine’s Date ending in them getting kicked out. Things for David get worse when there is a drug bust at the dorm and he is stuck literally holding the bag. Meanwhile, Andrea and Jesse set their sites on a Valentine’s wedding, but Andrea’s parents refuse to go, making Brandon the Father of the Bride.

randon, Steve, and the gang take turns working at the Peach Pit while Nat has bypass surgery. Cousin Joey isn’t very optimistic about the future of the Pit and is looking to sell his interest in the Peach Pit. Does anyone know any millionaires? Meanwhile, David has gone full Scarface and Kelly is not having it. Andrea grapples with the decisions about her pregnancy. Also, Brenda is taking a class taught by a recently single Lucinda Nicholson

Heartbreaker is right! This week Nat suffers a heart attack leaving the fate of the Peach Pit in Brandon’s hands, Andrea struggles with sharing the big news with Jesse and David has completely kicked the drug problem…or has he?

Dylan and Erica bond. Donna has a rebound. Andrea’s Eggo is preggo

Finals and Frat Boys and Drugs! Oh My! This jam packed episode is not one to skip!

It’s half clip show, half real show when Dylan meets his long-lost sister and Donna and David hit the breaks. Also, It’s Christmas!

This year for our Valentines Day Special, we watched the ABC Family original movie “I Want to Marry Ryan Banks” starring several 90210 alums including the one and only Jason Priestly! The movie is available on several platforms including YouTube and Amazon Video.

Steve is in hot water for his bungled burglary of Corey Randall’s office. Turns out it was a sting operation because the campus cops had an anonymous tip and only the Keg brothers knew about the plan. Meanwhile Kelly and Dylan find a path forward, Andrea and Jesse get more serious and Donna and David almost seal the deal only to be interrupted by Dr. & Mrs. Martin.

It’s Hell Week for everyone as the pledges have to do some crazy tasks, Brenda risks it all for her art, Andrea wonders how to break it off with Dan and Brandon has to make a hard decision about Emily Valentine.

It’s Thanksgiving in Beverly Hills and the gang is busy planning events, foiling John Sears’ plans and reigniting old flames.

Please be advised that this episode includes discussion of distressing issues including sexual assault.

Things heat up between John and Kelly, but luckily he shows his true colors and Kelly ends things. Meanwhile, Brenda and Dylan are vibing in poetry class. Things get complicated for Brandon when D’Shawn catches wind of the relationship between Brandon and Lucinda. D’Shawn threatens to tell Professor Randall unless Brandon agrees to take his test. Meanwhile Steve meets Laura at the Peach Pit to apologize for their one-night stand which does not go well. Celeste ends things with Steve when she finds out and Laura plans to announce to campus that Steve date-raped her at the Keg house.

Stuart and Brenda hop a flight to Vegas to elope. Brandon and the gang aren’t far behind, intent on stopping the wedding!

Brenda discovers a prenup, David is deposed and Brandon turns every sentence into an innuendo in this weeks dramatic episode.

Jim and Cindy Walsh are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and get a surprise at their party they will never forget!

It’s the 2020 Holiday Special! Nic and Kendra review and discuss the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries film USS Christmas starring 90210 alum Trevor Donovan!

In the wake of his car jacking, Dylan has a hard time coping with the violence in the world around him. Meanwhile, Brenda and Stewart are moving a little too fast for Jim and Cindy, Andrea and Dan struggle to keep their relationship a secret and Kelly and David find themselves swept up in their parents divorce war.

Run ragged by school and work, Brenda reluctantly agrees to a blind date with Stuart Carson, the son of one of Jim’s Clients. Elsewhere things between Andrea and Dan heat up while things between Dylan and Kelly grow decidedly cool. Donna, David and Kelly are hitting some snags as roommates and Dylan splurges on a brand new Porsche.

As classes begin at California University, the 90210 gang encounter new (but familiar) professors, radio drama, new jobs and a pool party!

Rush Week is here and the gang are on the hunt for the perfect fraternities and sororities, but not everyone is head over heels about the Greek life.

Happy First Day of College! The gang navigates course registration, auditions for the paper and the radio station and dorm life while Brenda and Dylan play hooky from responsibilities.

The summer is coming to a close but the drama is still red hot in Beverly Hills as Dylan returns from Europe, Brandon tries to get closer to Jill and Brenda fears she made a terrible mistake returning to Minnesota.

Nic and Kendra are joined by Nostalgia Me This host Corbin Andrews for a look at the season 4 premier!
As summer comes to a close the gang says goodbye to Brenda as she heads back to Minnesota. Meanwhile Brandon and Steve are living it up, housesitting at the beach when the owner’s daughter shows up and sparks fly. Also, Kelly returns from Europe… without Dylan.