9021 Here We G0! – Season Three

Kendra and Nic are watching every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 and beyond!

Kendra is watching for the first time while Nic is a super fan!

You can watch along with us on Hulu or with CBS All Access.


Brandon and Brenda fight about college, David fights off an over eager groupie and Steve tries to cheat his way to better grades in this week’s episodes.

Drama prevails this week as the gang starts their Senior Year! Andrea takes on a sexist teacher, Kelly and Brenda drift farther apart and David runs into his summer flame Nikki Witt!

This week we break down each track on the first Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack! Special Guest Eric Mikols from the Radio Meanwhile Network joins us to talk about all the bops and stinkers on the album.

We wrap up the summer season with Brenda and Donna returning to America and trouble in paradise for Kelly and Dylan and Brandon and Brooke.

Things get hot and heavy for pretty much everyone as the gang takes the kissing up to a new level. We also wrap up the Paris arc and see if Brenda chooses Dean Cain or Luke Perry.

This week we reach the end of the Jake and Kelly arc in Melrose Place! Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, Brandon is catching some feelings for Andrea and in Paris Brenda and Donna adjust to time away from their boyfriends.

Brenda and Dylan become an old married couple, Kelly makes a big decision about Paris and Brandon and Steve get into shenanigans with a pair of twins in this jam packed episode.

We made it to Season 3! Summer is here and there is unrest in the Walsh house as the Brenda and Dylan saga continues! We also check in on Kelly and Jake over on Melrose Place.