9021 Here We G0! : A Beverly Hills 90210 Podcast

Kendra and Nic are watching every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 and beyond!

Kendra is watching for the first time while Nic is a super fan!

You can watch along with us on Hulu or with CBS All Access.


Hey sports fans! We have a pair of sporty episodes this week as Brandon falls head over heels for an ice skater and Steve makes some bad decisions on the track team.

It’s Christmas here in Beverly Hills! This week Steve embarks on a journey of self discovery while the rest of the gang prepares for Christmas.

Do you love Emily Valentine? Well you’re in luck! This week we discuss a pair of Emily episodes (if Kendra can decipher her notes!).

This week we look at the most shocking episode yet where the characters deal with a loss no one saw coming…except Kendra because it was spoiled for her.

Join us for our spoooookiest episode yet! This week the gang heads to a Halloween costume party and things get a bit crazy!

Things are not looking good for Andrea this week as her biggest secret may be revealed! How will she handle it? Spoiler Alert: Not well!

This week we meet two new characters! Dylan deals with his mother’s reappearance and Kelly is smitten for the Walsh’s visiting cousin.

This week we have the introduction of a new character, Emily Valentine, and we discuss our least favorite episode yet.

In a special episode, we take a look at the only original Beverly Hills 90210 novel released in the U.S.: Fantasies by K.T. Smith. The novel explores where each member of the gang hopes to be in 10 years. Some fantasies are on point and some…..are a little far fetched!

Go camping they said! It’ll be fun they said! This week, the gang has a bit of a disastrous camping trip to end their summer.

Drama abounds in this week’s episodes, and not just in Drama Class! This week Kelly faces the prospect of a new step-brother, Brandon plays big brother to a troubled boy and Andrea and Brenda are hot for teacher.

Dude…we have of couple of gnarly episodes this week as the cast is busy with surfing and poker and making out on couches!

New Year New Season of 90210! This week we dive into Season 2 with pregnancy scares and sugar daddys

For our Christmas special, we found a Christmas movie that has two 90210 stars (kind of). This week watched the Lifetime original movie “A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride.”

This week Nic and Kendra interview the official 90210 novelizer: Mel Gilden! Mel talks about his time writing for TV as well as his experience writing novelizations for Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90210 and More! You can find more of Mel’s work at melgilden.com and wildsidepress.com.

We did it! We made it to the finale! In this weeks episode we talk about the Season 1 finale and do a recap of the whole season.

Spring has sprung this week as we discuss baseball, dog owning, dances, first times and more!

Lives are threatened in this week’s episodes as Brenda faces the threat of Breast Cancer and Brandon tries to stop a murder.

Have you ever wondered if Brenda Walsh is good at accents? Well unfortunately you’re about to find out as we dive into this week’s episodes.

Drama abounds in our newest installment of 9021 Here We G0! where we delve into “East Side Story” and “Palm Springs Weekend (Fling?).

One baby and one sleepover equal two great episodes of 90210! This week we talk Season 1 Episodes 12-13!

Things are heating up for the Beverly Hills crew in this weeks episodes as they discover love (kind of) and effects of alcohol.


Nic and Kendra tackle the two heaviest episodes yet as the Beverly Hills crew deal with cheating parents and rape victims.

This week Nic and Kendra dive into episodes 6 and 7 of Season 1 of Beverly Hills 90210 and learn that cheating and drugs don’t pay!

This week we talk Season 1, Episode 4: The First Time and Episode 5: One on One.

This week we talk about Season 1, Episode 2: The Green Room and Episode 3: Every Dream Has It’s Price Tag!

This week we get our first introduction to West Beverly High in the Pilot Episode! Watch along with us on Hulu or the CBS app! Follow us on Twitter @HereWeG0Pod and tell us your thoughts on upcoming episodes!

The start of something new! This week we talk about our experience with Beverly Hills 90210 and start our new podcast 9021 Here We G0! We still have Elf eyes and Fancy Feast as well!