Nostalgia Me This

Nostalgia Me This is a show where Kendra, Corbin and Christian each bring something they’re nostalgic about and see if it has survived the tests of time!


On our last episode of Nostalgia Me This, we take a look at lots of stuff from the 90’s including Rugrats, Green Ketchup and Warheads! Thanks for listening!

What is this? A podcast for ants?!?! The Nostalgia of the Week is Zoolander! In news we talk Mindhunter, Venom 2 and the continuing reign of Disney

This week we talk about the things that scared us the most when we were kids! In news we talk about all the trailers!

Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers: 7:10-16:56

Yo Adrian! This week we talk about the Rocky series! In news we talk live action Little Mermaid, Paul McCartney, James Bond and Marvel Phase 4

This week’s episode is so fetch! This week we talk about Mean Girls! In news we talk Mulan, Knives Out, Enchanted 2, Gremlins and the Jazz stylings of Jeff Goldblum

Kamehameha!!!!!!! We are all about Dragon Ball Z this week! In news we talk Charlies Angels, new Matrix and 28 Days Later movies, break dancing in the Olympics and the end of the Office on Netflix

Are you coocoo for CoCo Puffs? Do you find Frosted Flakes to be Grrrreat? Then this is the episode for you! This week we talk all things cereal! In the news we talk Keanu Reeves, Ron Howard and the upcoming Pennyworth show.

Break out the controllers! Today we talk about the PS1! In news we talk Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise and the possible return of N’Sync!

You’re a wizard Harry!!! This week we talk about the magical phenomenon that is the Harry Potter series! In news we talk free tacos, Indiana Jones 5 and The White Album Tour!

This.Is. NOSTALGIA!!! This week we talk about the slow motion wonder that is 300! In news we talk about Alex Trebek, the new Batman and the end of iTunes

We all had a soundtrack the defined our high school years and this week we talk about our top 5 albums from back in the day! In news we talk Sonic, Honey We Shrunk the Kids Reboot and many trailers!

If you like to talk to tomatoes, then this is the episode for you! We talk all things Veggie Tales! In news we discuss Doris Day, Star Trek, Felicity Huffman and the return of the Saw series

It’s all I can do not to think about Jump 5! This week we talk about the early 2000’s teen group and learn where they are now! In news we talk about the It 2 and Watchman trailers, Disney release dates and the Sonic re-do

Goonies 4 life! This week we talk about The Goonies! In news we talk about the new Sonic trailer, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and Spongebob!

This episode belongs in a museum! Grab your adventure hat and strap on your whip, this week we are talking about Indiana Jones! In news we talk Spongebob, Stephen King, Star Trek and more!