Nostalgia Me This

Nostalgia Me This is a show where Kendra, Corbin and Christian each bring something they’re nostalgic about and see if it has survived the tests of time!


If you like to talk to tomatoes, then this is the episode for you! We talk all things Veggie Tales! In news we discuss Doris Day, Star Trek, Felicity Huffman and the return of the Saw series

It’s all I can do not to think about Jump 5! This week we talk about the early 2000’s teen group and learn where they are now! In news we talk about the It 2 and Watchman trailers, Disney release dates and the Sonic re-do

Goonies 4 life! This week we talk about The Goonies! In news we talk about the new Sonic trailer, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and Spongebob!

This episode belongs in a museum! Grab your adventure hat and strap on your whip, this week we are talking about Indiana Jones! In news we talk Spongebob, Stephen King, Star Trek and more!