Previously on X-Men – Interviews

Every week, we rotate a different topic to cover;

Comic: We take turns bringing an issue or arch to the show for a look back on the story and it’s history.

Movie: We go through each movie in production order, discussing the production of the film and looking back on the story.

TV Shows: We go episode by episode through the various X-Men television shows.

Characters: We pick a character and look back on their history, powers and notable appearances and adaptions.


Eric and Hilary interview Eric and Julia Lewald! Eric Lewald was the show runner of the 90’s X-Men Animated Series and Julia Lewald wrote on multiple episodes of the series! They share their stories of the show getting greenlight and produced, creating a serialized animated series and the focus of the first season!

Eric and Hilary interview screenwriter David Hayter about his time working on the first two X-Men films, how he got the job, his influences and the process of writing the X-Men for fans as well as a new audience!

Eric and Hilary interview author J.M. DeMatteis about his time writing Iceman, X-Factor and his collaboration process!

Eric and Hilary interview comic book legend, Steve Englehart about his time writing the Beast and the X-Men and his early Marvel comics career!

Eric and Hilary present an interview with Fred Van Lente, author of Wolverine: First Class and X-Men: Noir!

Eric and Hilary introduce themselves and share their history with the X-Men.