This Endorian Life

Stephen and Nic are taking a look at the Ewoks covering Return of the Jedi, the two Ewoks movies, the 80s cartoon and beyond.


Steve and Nic are joined by Sally Jacoby Murphy to discuss the decidedly non-spooky Ewoks episode, The Haunted Village.

Who’s ready for some Saturday morning fun?

Steve and Nic spotlight the first episode of the Ewoks cartoon, The Cries of the Trees.

We’re heading back to Endor for another battle! This time Steve and Nic are joined by author and online content creator Crystal Storm. Tune in as we dissect and the second and final movie in the Ewoks duology.

Steve/Stephen and Nic wish they were getting lost in nostalgia for Caravan of Courage, but instead get stuck in the mud of a faux Endor. Join them, won’t you?

Steve and Nic take a look at Return of the Jedi from the Ewoks’ point of view.

This mini premier episodes is debuting 38 years to the date from the first appearance of the Ewoks as in Return of the Jedi!